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Dancing figures - where to get help Here you can see just some of the services and activities we are involved with. We are always looking out for new opportunities for improving the support of younger people with dementia and their families and friends.

One-to-One Support Service

Support for the Younger Person with Dementia

Our aim here is to offer a very positive choice of 'things to do' for the person with dementia. A trained support worker partners the person, and they develop a trusting relationship. Once this is established then we work regularly alongside the person, encouraging, supporting, and pursuing activities that bring pleasure and satisfaction. The rich range of activities can be anything that is significant to the person, from warm companionship to fulfilling lifetime ambitions, and anything in between.

In practice, the sessions are usually 2-4 hours each week, with flexibility built in. Being with an experienced support worker offers reassurance through periods of change in condition and abilities, and particularly if the person has respite breaks or moves to a care home.

The service is for people who have experienced the symptoms of dementia whilst under the age of 65 years, and live in, or on the borders of, Oxfordshire. Once introduced to the service, age is irrelevant, and we continue until the person no longer benefits from the active service provided. Anyone can refer a person to the service, with their agreement.

You may download more information on the One to One Service and a referral form.

How much does it cost?

We ask for a contribution of £6.20/hour for daytime support or £12.00 for evening, weekends and public holidays, and the cost of activities. The contribution takes into account the likely drop in income which long-term disabilities bring. Funding from people using the service covers about a quarter of the actual cost. We fundraise for the rest from other sources including charitable trusts, events and donations.

Des and Sue Nicky and Phil

Des and Sue

Nicky and Phil

Family and Friends Support Service

Support for the Family and Friends of Younger People with Dementia

To achieve the best quality of life for the younger person, and their partner and family, a network of care and support is likely to be needed. Planning early on for this by establishing the contacts and relationships locally should mean that support can be triggered when necessary.

Taking a break, sharing the responsibility and linking up with others in similar circimstances for mutual support can help.

Roz and Brian A happy group

Roz and Brian

A happy group

The dedicated team provides individual and group support, a programme of informative discussions called the Exchange, as well as regular social opportunities throughout the county. There is a Resource library available to members, and a members' contact list offers a chance to get to know people who are living with the same challenges. In addition there is an annual special lecture and a Learning Together workshop. And to keep everyone in touch, an occasional newsletter is published three times each year.

Family and Friends Support Service leaflet for download, PDF 59K


The Clive Project Club

Social events are held throughout the year in locations across Oxfordshire. Relaxed and informal, these provide opportunities for the people we support, their partners and families to enjoy time together, supported by The Clive Project team.

Jo, David and Simon Pauline, Malcolm and Diane

Jo, David and Simon

Pauline, Malcolm and Diane