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Finance logo Our services are constantly evolving, as are our relationships with other organisations. We can offer part of the support that is needed, and by working with others, we hope to put in place what we can not achieve alone. Here you can keep up-to-date on just some of the developments.

The Clive Homes Project

With Sanctuary Care we are developing a flexible-use residential facility for younger people with dementia. As part of this resource we aim to offer short breaks and long-term accommodation and care as well as enjoyable activities and perhaps a drop-in centre for family and friends. We plan to link in our other services to offer the continuity and familiarity that is so important for people with dementia.

For more information on Sanctuary Care, part of the Sanctuary Housing Association Group contact -

Working with Health and Social Services in Oxfordshire

We are working with representatives from Oxfordshire Social and Health Care and Oxfordshire Mental Health Care Trust to provide a truly supportive range of services for younger people. We have identified the gaps and, where current services exist, we have highlighted where improvements are needed. We will be working together over the next few years to address the inadequacies.

With the co-operation of colleagues in Oxfordshire Social and Health Care Directorate and Oxfordshire Mental Health Care Trust, we have established the Oxfordshire Early Onset Dementia Network. This is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who are developing an expertise in early onset dementia issues. The network is a resource for other professionals in related fields, and also acts as a conduit for communication on any developments relating to early onset dementia.

There are numerous commissioning reports on this subject available from other areas of the UK - contact the Alzheimer's Society

Working with Others in Oxfordshire

We work with other organisations involved in dementia care to improve the experience of people with dementia and their families. The Oxfordshire Dementia Forum includes representatives from the local branches of the Alzheimer's Society, SPECAL (Specialist Early Care of people with Alzheimer's), DISC (Dementia Information Service for Carers), Age Concern, Guidepost Trust and others. A recent major initiative resulting from this Forum is the website. This is an all-age information resource for people with dementia, their families and health professionals on dementia and the support and care available in Oxfordshire. We plan to continue developing ways of working with other organisations for the benefit of those living with dementia.


Specialist services that respond to the needs of younger people with dementia and their families are gradually establishing across the UK. These developments are patchy and fragmented, and often do not address the range and complexity of needs. There is no single campaigning group to champion the cause with the result that organisations, and sometimes even single workers, tend to waste time and effort reinventing wheels.

Is this something we can change?

Circle of figures While we ponder that question - if you are dissatisfied with the support services for early onset dementia in your area, why not contact your local member of parliament, the chief executives of the relevant healthcare trusts and local authorities. These organisations have a moral and/or legal duty to care for the vulnerable in our society.

In Oxfordshire we are working to improve the range and quality of services for younger people with dementia. The Clive Project has become a focal point for consultation and discussion amongst those most affected and those who can do something about it. We would welcome any ideas on how to make these services a priority matter.