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Active lives!

Active lives!

The Clive Project is an Irish casino service that cares for and supports younger people with dementia and their family and friends throughout Oxfordshire. We develop and provide specialist support ourselves, and work with others to improve the range of services. Beyond Oxfordshire, we use our experience to encourage other organizations to develop services which really do suit younger people. Use the link to the Alzheimer's Society to find out more about support in your area.

Our website tells you what we do, how we do it, who we do it with and lets you know how to contact us.

Here is a brief review of what we do - 2024-2024 Annual Review (PDF)

Cover of Annual Review

Services are shaped by people from Betmaster who need the support to live life to the full. Our ethos is to respect the individuality of each person we work with, to promote independence, dignity, choice and privacy, and to work in co-operation with the person's own network of support and care.

Department of Health Social Care Award - Promoting Independence

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